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Product Description - FRP & GRP pipes manufacturer & supplier in india

We are FRP & GRP Pipes Manufacturer, especially FRP pipes which are used in oilfield and construction. FRP Pipe is anticorrosive, easy to installation and transportation, long service life, free to maintenance etc. It is used to transfer sewage water and wastewater of family and industry.

We have various sizes of FRP pipes. We manufacture Pipe fittings like Tees, Reducers, Bends, Elbows, Flanges, Stub Ends, Etc. in FRP Using the various types of Resins like Isophthalic, vinyl ester, Biphenyl, and other imported resins, as per the applications and Customer’s requirement.

We offer custom filament wound high-quality Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) pipe and ductwork.

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Features - FRP & GRP pipes manufacturer & supplier in india

1. Corrosion Resistance

GRP Pipes manufactured with composite material glass fiber and polyester resin. GRP is an inert material providing excellent resistance to corrosion, high chemical resistance, and high weathering resistance.

2. Non-Toxicity

The filament winding manufacturing technology together with the process of polymerization and vaporization enables GRP Pipes to be made in exact conformity to the laws in forces, governing the construction of pipe that will have to be in contact with potable water and foodstuffs.

3. Hydraulic Efficiency

GRP Pipes with very smooth internal surface provides high “c” value to carry high flow at a very low frictional head loss and offers better pumping cost & saves electricity.

4. Longer Service Life

Hydraulic design basis (HDB) of GRP Pipes is such that, even after continuous service of 50 years, it will be having a safety factor of 1.8 times of its pressure class. Thus, GRP Pipes will have a longer service life, reliability and durability with much lower life-cycle cost compared to C.I., STEEL, G.I., and P.S.C. Pipes.

5. Surge Pressure

High resistance to surge pressure GRP Pipes provides higher resistance surge pressure with high stiffness offering very less chance of bursting of the pipe due to water hammer compare to steel and C.I. Pipes.

6. Lightweight

GRP Pipes have a lower strength to weight ratio while in comparing with other material. it is light in weight by 1/10 of P.S.C. 1/5 of steel and 1/8 of C.I. Thus, GRP Pipes provide easy and faster installation, handling, modification, and repairs.

7. Low Thermal & Electrical Inductivity

GRP Pipes have excellent thermal insulating properties and there is no need for the pipes to be insulated externally to maintain the temperature inside the pipe. Even cathodic protection is also not required for GRP Pipes.




  1. Industrial effluents
  2. Industrial process pipelines
  3. Chemicals & Petrochemicals
  4. Food Industries
  5. Industrial Waste & Effluents
  6. Sea Water intakes for cooling water supply
  7. Seawater intakes for desalination plants
  8. Potable Water & Raw Water Supply
  9. Effluent & Sewage Water Supply
  10. Chemical & Fertilizer Plants
  11. Offshore Oil Production
  12. The refinery, Petrochemical & Petroleum Plant
  13. Power Plant


  1. High Corrosion Resistance
  2. Leak Hight
  3. UV Resistance
  4. Smooth Inner Surface Of Pipes
  5. Low Operating
  6. Reinforcement Materials

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