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Product Description

Fiberglass louvers provide effective air control and long service life for applications with demanding structural and environmental conditions.

Our Fiberglass(FRP/GRP) louvers and ridge vents contain over 50% glass reinforcing content in chemical composition. This high glass content combined with the premium iso-polyester resin provides extreme strength, durability, and resistance to aggressive chemicals.

Industrial louvers and ridge vents have a long, proven history of standing up to tough chemical exposures and high windstorms. The fire retardant fiberglass components in the ventilation units have a Class I flame spread rating of 25 or less per ASTM E84.

FRP Louvers are totally machine made.

We manufacture louvers with premium materials for optimum quality. Louvers are strong durable and environment-friendly. Louvers help in air flow and also give an aesthetic view to structures.

Majorly Used In Industries

Industrial Used:

Effective airflow and ventilation in Industrial Plants.

Home Exterior Used:

Aesthetic view for industries or homes. Adding a new look to the exterior home design.


  1. Corrosion Resistant
  2. High Strength & Durability
  3. Size and Color options
  4. Life cycle cost savings
  5. Effective Air Control & Ventilation


  1. Chemical Processing
  2. Water Treatment
  3. Air Pollution
  4. Environmental Control
  5. Pulp & Paper
  6. Food & Beverage
  7. Pharmaceuticals
  8. Metals
  9. Plating


  1. Louver provides free passage to air
  2. Easy to maintain
  3. Natural Ventilation
  4. Sufficient privacy and aesthetic view.

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