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Product Description

We have infrastructure and facilities for the manufacturer of FRP Equipment up to 100L capacity in-house and above on site by using Iso-Phthalic Polyester,Bisphenol Polyester,Vinylester , Derakane Momentum 411.35 & 470.30, Atlas-382,Viapl UP 797 resin, Epoxy and other plastics such as  PVC, CPVC, PP , PPH, HDPE, PVDF.

Our advanced range of FRP storage tanks is acknowledged by industries due to high tensile strength, durability and remarkable finishing standards.

Dual Laminate using thermoplastics as liners for chemical resistance and external FRP armor for strength are also fabricated.

Tanks are manufactured by the BS4994 & BSEN13121-3 standard.


1. Components

Internal Support Rings, Support Beams & Pockets, Chimney Tray Spray Header

2. Standards Met

ASME RTP-1, ASTM D3299 (Filament Wound), ASTM D4097 (Contact Molded), PS 15-69

3. Quality Assurance

Testing Carried out in-house facility
Thickness, Dimensional, Hydro Static Test, Barcoal Hardliners, Visual Inspection

4. Temperature Range


5. Capacity Storage

100Liters to 500KL

Types Of Tank

  1. FRP Tank
  2. GRP Tank
  3. Underground Storage Tank
  4. Chemical Storage Tank
  5. Process Equipment
  6. Petroleum Storage Tank


  1. Chemical Processing
  2. Water / Wastewater Treatment
  3. Air Pollution / Environmental Control
  4. Pulp & Paper
  5. Food & Beverage
  6. Pharmaceutical
  7. Metals, Plating
  8. Petroleum
  9. Bio-Fuels
  10. Mining


  1. Highly reliable
  2. More durable
  3. Low Maintenance
  4. Easy to understand
  5. Highly Functional
  6. Less Operating Cost
  7. High Operational Reliabilities
  8. More Efficient
  9. longer functional life

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